Welcome to Cognitive Beings



My name is Maria Luisa Seconnino.

I am an Italian veterinary who moved to live in Dublin in April of 2015.

In Italy, my studies were focused on the veterinary emergency management and the study of behavioral disorders of dogs and cats.

Animal behavior is a branch of my studies that has always fascinated me a lot.

As a Vet I have to deal with patients who can not express in words their symptoms, I must interpret their behavior as a reaction to having my manipulation for example. But more often it is easy to misunderstand a behavior of an animal, if you do not know its real meaning, its origin and you could fall into a false answer. For example, many people think that cats do purr when they are relaxed, this is not always true, in my clinical experience I have seen that many cats purr even under conditions of stress or when they feel a strong physical pain, because to make purr relaxing themselves during an emotional or physical moment of distress.  If I had not deeped  my studies on the behavioral medicine, all this and more, I would have never known.

In the college years, I had the opportunity to deepen the Cognitive Zooantrhopological studies, a discipline that in the last decade in Italy has had a great development. It focuses on the cognitive needs of the animals. In particular, as a Vet I am passionate to Cognitive Zooantrhopology applied to dogs and cats and my  degree dissertation was centered on the study of ‘Cognitive Zooantrhopologic Approach applied in two Italian kennels, in order to increase the index of adoptability dogs and monitor the progress of the stress caused by the long detention in rescue home, which thanks using of this kind of approach we had as resulted its decrease.

The work in the kennel, brought me a great experiential baggage level of behavioral pathologies caused by stress from the long stay in cages and unhealthy environments.

Fascinated by this field, which has opened up a new world on the vision of animal behavior, I felt the need to want to continue to deepen my studies on the subject and I enrolled in a course called Learning Dog, which is headed to Learning Animals, a school of secondary education.

The diversity of this course, compared to others I have already followed, is into the search for consistency between  Zooantrhopologic  Thought and Cognitive Action, trought the affirmation and development  of the Cognitive Ethics models that old model as the Behaviourist model  but also more modern as those of     ” Gentle Training ” have lost sight of.

Thanks to this course, I’m walking a new path to become a Facilitator of the ethical relationship between human and dog, helping dogs preserving or rediscovering  their social and cognitive mind.

I decided to create this website “Cognitive Beings”, to publish some of my articles that will talk about different topics uncommon for many north Europe country, including Zooantropologia Cognitive, Cognitive Ethics, false myths about the education to give our pets and other, thus giving my contribution to the current knowledge on animal well-being.

We are all Cognitive Beings and  can grow through the knowledge of otherness.